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Getting to understand common mistakes in poker

At, you will get to play poker. But it is necessary that, before you start to play, you avoid inevitable mistakes commonly made by poker players, especially beginners in the game. They include the following:

Often defending the blinds

It is common for newbies on poker to feel that they have an obligation to get involved with pots whenever it is their turn to play the small blinds or big blinds. It is because of several reasons. In most cases, they feel that they will need to raise or call or bet on the small blinds. After all, they have chips placed in the pot, regardless of the strength of their hand.

There are other times when the ego of the player is at play. They will try to regularly fold their blinds to avoid having to look weak to their opponents. Whichever way, when you get involved in a pot, just because you don’t want to fold your blind is a grave mistake.

There are times why you are strategic to play hands that are weaker than you would have usually done from the blinds, with the most part being, you might be better folding if you don’t have the required cards to justify why you got involved.

Getting committed to the pots

Most newbies make this particular mistake on a regular basis. They find it hard to fold immediately. They place chips in the pot even if they believe that they are going to be beaten. It can be challenging to let go of a hand that you have significantly invested in, especially if it is a good one, but there are times when you have to. If you decide not to, you will waste your good chips on an opportunity that is not worth it.

To prevent such a mistake, you will need to accept that once you place the chips in the pot, they don’t belong to you. You also have to realize that you will not win every single pot you get involved in. If you commit to specific chips and feel that you are faced with a strong hand, then waiting after folding for another opportunity might be the right thing to do.


Beginners are the ones who tend to make this mistake quite often. They think that, by doing so, they will be able to make advanced moves to stand a winning chance. It is not something that is true. You don’t have to play in a way that your opponents get to know precisely what you are doing and why you are doing it.

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