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Singapore Pools Online Account vs Betting at Outlets

Now that the economies are slowly reopening after the impact of the pandemic, the way people place a bet in Singapore also changed. While the restrictions have forced us to rely on online services, visiting a physical outlet still remains an option when it comes to betting.

Singapore Pools has provided the bettors an option to place a bet online or do it at physical outlets. Here is what you need to know about the two options before you place your wager.

Betting with an online account

For people who prefer convenience and have no time to visit a physical outlet, Singapore Pools has provided an option for people to bet online. Bettors can do this by creating an account on the Singapore Pools website. Using their account, they can place their bets on lotteries, horse racing and sports.

The steps for creating an account is easy, but before you sign up, you need to complete some requirements first such as being a legitimate Singapore citizen, being 21 years old or above, having a local mobile number and providing a residential address in Singapore.

You can sign up for an account by filling up a registration form. Then, your account will undergo a verification process that will take in an instant or three-days maximum. After the verification process, you can now log in to your account using a username and a password.

For the lottery, you can place your bets on Toto, Singapore Sweep, or 4D results Singapore on the site by choosing your bet type, entering your desired number entry and confirming your entry.

For horserace betting, you can check all the races available and bet before the race starts. Then, you can choose the events, bet type and then add your entry to an online betting slip.

For sports betting, bettors have two options, by betting before the event or while the game is live and ongoing. In either method, you can select the events you want to bet on, add your entry to a bet slip and then you will receive an online receipt.

Betting at outlets

While betting online is convenient, bettors can also place their bets on lottery, horse racing or sports at Singapore Pools outlets using cash money. In all Singapore Pools services, bettors can place their bet using a betting slip.

First, bettors must visit a SG Pool outlet, the list of locations of accredited outlets and retailers are available on the site. In the outlet, bettors must choose the appropriate bet slip and shade their selections in a designated box.

Upon completing the bet slip, you may present the slip to the counter and the staff will input your entry. You will receive a ticket after your bets are placed. Keep in mind that the bet slips can’t be used as a valid proof to claim your prize, only the tickets can be accepted as a proof of purchase.

For lotteries, you can shade the numbers of your entry and the bet type and then present your slip on the counter. For horserace betting, you can place your bet at the outlet and also watch the delayed telecast of the events or watch it live at the Singapore Racecourse where betting is also available.

For Singapore pools sports football, you can place your pre-game bets within the operating hours of the outlet before the event. For live betting, you can place your bets and watch the ongoing game at Livewire venues.

The bottom line

The pandemic has severely affected the betting industry and the restrictions changed the way people placed their bets. Fortunately, Singapore Pools has a website and app for individuals who wish to bet online and physical outlets for individuals who wish to do it in person.

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