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How to effectively use bullets in online shooting fish

Shooting fish game is a classic game that you can play at login joker123. You can also play it offline. Whether to win the game is easy or not, it will depend on how you use the bullets. Each betting game has its way of points calculations for the gamer to be stimulated, and the same applies to the online fish tables.

Shooting fish games have their own scoring rules that have to be followed. It denotes that each of the fired bullets has to make a fish die and correspond to the number of bullets. It is usually calculated as follows:

  • An average fish will give you between 2 points to 10 points, a big fish will provide you with 20 points, and a shark will give you 30 points.
  • A pink mermaid will have between 2 points and 10 points , the blue mermaid will give you between 10 to about 20 points, while the red mermaid offers between 10 points and 30 points. A large mermaid gives you between 50 bullet points to 150 points.
  • The Arowana, which is the most dangerous, will give you 200 points, but it will give up to 300 points in some games.

How to utilize bullets in online fish shooting

Using the bullets in shooting fish for reward is how a majority of online casinos apply in attracting players. Various playin style has their bullets which are explicitly reserved for the game. The following are some of the ways of utilizing bullets to play the shooting fish game online, which are interesting:

Bullets utilized to shoot odd fish

It is a 2-cent bullet which is used to shoot a single fish. You will be able to shoot continuously until the fish dies. If you shoot 3 up to 5 bullets, but the fish doesn’t die, you have to skip it to avoid losing money.

Bullets for a school of fish

If there is a school of about 4 fish to 5 fish, you have to ensure you shoot in the middle to earn about 5 cents for each fish. The most used bullet is a 4-cent bullet.

When to us a 7-cent bullet

If your capital is a few thousand coins, you have to make sure that you invest in 7-cents bullets, which are quite expensive. You will conquer the ocean, and each dead fish will likely give you 100 coins to about 200 coins together with attractive gifts.

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