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3 Online Lightning Dice Game Strategies

What is Lightning Dice?

Lightning dice was released on the 1st of June, 2019 by Evolution Games. What makes lightning dice so popular is the simplicity and thrill equivalent to the one in a real casino it brings along with it! It was released on the 1st of June, 2019 by Evolution Games. If you are new to this fairplay dice game online, you might find it a bit tricky since they are very fast-paced.

Objective of Lightning Dice:

The main objective of lighting dice is to roll three dice and guess the number of them. Since certain combinations are more likely than others there are staggered payouts and plenty of chances to win big. If you were to bet on the number 15 and the result of the three dice is also 15, then you will receive 10x your stake. Before the dice are rolled, you will be able to see that the game offers you up to 1000x multipliers that can be included in your stake. You will be guided throughout the game by a live dealer who will roll out the dice for you.

How to Play Lightning Dice?

Once you come up with an innovative way to roll the dice, understanding the game is really very easy. Once you roll the three dice, you are expected to place a bet on what the total sum will turn out to be. You can bet on one or multiple possible outcomes before the dice are rolled. The Lightning process begins after the betting is closed. Multipliers are added to the numbers selected and the dice are released into the Perspex maze using a switch in the wall, by the presenter. As the dice tumble down and hit the Perspex tower, the camera closes in. While the presenter replaces the dice at the top of the tower in order to get ready for the next round, winning bets are paid.

Tips for Playing Lightning Dice Online:

Lightning dice is a game of luck, but there are still certain betting strategies you can try to win at it. It is not the kind of game where you can just spend large sums of money and expect to double it with no game plan. Using a Lightning Dice strategy could possibly put you in a very good position of winning something big. Here are 3 winning strategies when it comes to playing Lightning Dice online:

  1. Place Bets on Sums With a Higher Probability

Sums with a higher probability indicate more chances of showing after the dice are rolled due to its several winning combinations. Bet on such numbers to make sure that you are winning per roll. High probability numbers include a sum of 8,9,10,11,12, and 13, respectively.

  1. Check rhe Previous Winning Numbers

Once you check the previous winning numbers can help you decide on which numbers to bet on for the upcoming round. If you take a look at the numbers displayed on the lower right corner of your screen, the high probability numbers that are mentioned above have frequently tumbled down from the lightning tower. You must take this as an opportunity to win instead of putting your money in vain.

  1. And 18 are the Ones to Bet On!

It is best if you put your stakes on these two numbers in every round of the game since they are high-paying. The probability of these numbers tumbling down the lightning tower may be low but t is the best way to win 1000x your bet is by always betting on these two.

Why Should You Try Out Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice gives off a very pleasant and comfortable vibe within the game. It has a lightning tower at the centre of the screen where all the dice are rolled and tumbled down. The hosts of the game could also bring the mood for the game by being friendly so that the players can feel the excitement and thrill. You can easily track your bets by checking the balance and total bet section of the game design.

Are you someone that doesn’t like playing safe and prefers taking risks? If you happen to be of this kind, then you should bet on the number which provides the biggest payouts. These numbers include 3,4,17, and 18, and if you happen to hit one of these and have placed a big bet, then you can win big!

Lightning dice is a great game for people who begin their journey of betting since it is not very difficult and complicated to understand and just takes a few minutes to observe before you start playing, and you will have a great understanding of how it works. You do not even have to deposit a big amount of money in order to play this game on The minimum bet on this is just 1€. Since it’s online, you can play it from anywhere in the world using your mobile or laptop device and win big!

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